It all started when…

Carina Smith, Founder of Smoking Calavera Catering & Florals

Carina Smith, Founder of Smoking Calavera Catering & Florals

I was a little girl watching my Mother, Grandmother, and Aunts prep for our holiday Thanksgiving dinners. I would wake smelling spicey aromas being cooked over the stove. I remember seeing huge pots and pans releasing steam as the food would reach its boiling point. The sound of knives being sharpened in the backyard as my father and uncles unloaded a pig from their truck. I remember sneaking into the garage with my cousins to see what kind of desserts were made. Music would be playing as utensils were polished and the glassware being set. At the end of the day everyone would get dressed up, hair done, make up put on, etc. The dining room would be filled with flowers and with my Grandma’s fanciest china set. “Little did I know what the future held for me.”

At the age of 18, I began working for 4 and 5 Star hotels in the banquet department. I oversaw, set up, and serviced both dining and food station displays. Being apart of numerous events in one day was an amazing feeling. With more than 10 years of experience in the Banquet Department as part of Management. I felt it was about time to show the world what my delicious creations were all about. 

You see my passion for food and cooking is not for myself, but for everyone around me. I enjoy traveling around the US exploring culinary creations and eating different cuisine that each state is known for. I love experimenting with different ingredients using fresh herbs. I enjoy the art of creating entrées that taste and look beautiful. I believe that our bodies should be treated as a sacred temple and it is important to enrich and maintain it with healthy flavorful foods. 

Unique Opportunity

The best part about being a caterer is that I can have one on one interaction with clients, event planners, and guest. Each event is always uniquely different, there is never a dull moment in an event. I am an individual that is very flexible, organized, accountable, and great at multitasking. I work very well under pressure and like challenging myself. Being a cater allows me to travel to different venues and create beauty from scratch where ever I go, whether it is from the culinary or floral side. My objective with Smoking Calavera Catering & Florals is to provide 5 Star customer service.


Bilingual Spanish/English, Payroll Accounting, Microsoft Word, Office Administration, Scheduling, QuickBooks, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Inventory, Banquets/Corporate event planning. Prepare written records of activities and incidents, assure departmental equipment rooms are following safety procedures and regulations. etc. OSHA and FDA state regulation and safety standards.

Banquet Experience

Meal prep, set up and break down of numerous form of banquet functions. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner (buffet or plated), coffee breaks, beverage bars. Offering table linens, china silverware, glassware, center pieces, beverage station, assure perishable items are in proper storage units. Special Services French, Synchronized, Buffet, etc. and Floral décor.


Southwestern Community College