Please be aware prices may vary depending on how the order is made. There are options to mix and match for entrées and appetizers. We are here to make your event flavorful.

If you are interested in à la carte options and pick-up or delivery, please contact us for pricing.

We care about everyone’s safety and want to ensure customer satisfactory please view the following important company policies. All guests are to disclose any food allergies in order to ensure customer safety and satisfactory. We will not be held responsible for any damages if a guest has an allergic reaction due to food allergy or dietary restrictions if it were not disclosed by guest upon guest order and signed by guest and reviewed and signed by client and coordinator. Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals does not permit and prohibits any food, beverages, and materials to be removed unless authorized by management team. Non-liability waiver must be signed if an individual wishes to take food home. Name, license number, contact info is to be provided. Please take in consideration improper handling of food may affect bacteria growth and may become contaminated. No out-side food may be entered during event unless notified prior to event per contract agreement and is an approved state licensed vendor due to high risk of cross contamination. 


We are not a license to sell liquor or be a liquor supplier. All wines, spirit, and or liquor of any sort maybe provided by guest. Guest or providing personnel who is providing alcoholic may not hold Smoking Calavera liable of any damages of physical, mental, and safety. Though not suppling or selling Liquor by the California Department Licenses and Control, Smoking Calavera follows the strict regulation of table service and bar service. Bar supply will vary depending on clients’ needs as to charges and fees. We will not serve anyone under the age of 21, no underage drinking is tolerated. There will be a written and verbal warning to the coordinator and client if guest are refusing to follow state law. Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals has strict rules of safety and state standards and reserve the right to cancel all alcohol service if contract is breached and will not refund any fees or charges. Smoking Calavera reserves the right to terminate alcohol service to any guest that may appear to have become intoxicated. We will refuse to serve any bottle or canned beverage supplied by guest that maybe damaged. For example, if the bottle has a broken seal, crack, dent, etc. Corkage fee, Service fee, bartender fees, and supply fees such as plastic and glass ware etc.  will be applied if Smoking Calavera is hired for Bartending services please be advised services may be subject to taxes. If Smoking Calavera is to be assigned to provide service, all wine and or liquor is to be delivered to manage as soon as it arrives and must have a full proper count and signed off by both client and manager for proper handling and safety. All guest bringing liquor is to report to primary client and or coordinator and deliver to Smoking Calavera Managers. Bottles will be served to the last drop and not be refilled by another bottle or material to avoid any cross contamination. All beverages coming from guest and or Vendor is to be assigned to serve must be written in the final contract and signed to ensure appropriate quantity is met for scheduled event. All extra liquor and or material left over after the event is to be returned to client and or coordinator and have a relinquish of liability signed upon delivery. We will NOT be held accountable for any damages of any sort once supply is delivered.


We know how weather, and natural disaster may occur at anytime that is why we give a notice 12 hours prior the event regarding these unpredictable circumstances to better assist your special event if it may require any changes to the venue, etc. In case of any event of high winds, heavy rain, flooding, etc. Client and Managers are to come up with accommodation needed to proceed with the event. If no realistic decision is made by client to ensure the safety and may cause harm to guest and employees, Smoking Calavera will reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the event.


Buffet, breaks, dessert have a minimum or a four-hour display depending on the attention required. Food is to be removed after a four-hour period and no longer edible if met a time / temp danger limit. If your event is done out door in city limit, those restrictions are applied and may affect service performed.

Please be advised that certain glassware is not permitted in certain areas depending on location.

All rental fees are subject to service charge and tax.

Any orders that are made in less 12 hours and or are same day delivery are final and waive any right to cancellation and or changes. Taxes and fees may be applied.


In order to provide a safe and amazing experience All Guests and hiring personnel are responsible for reporting any food allergies and special diets which may affect them from consuming either any type of food and or drinks. Smoking Calavera has different options for those who require special diet foods. Guests will be allowed to choose from 3 choice selected entrée prior and orders must be submitted 2 weeks prior the event unless further discussed. All course sides are to be the same prior to the selecting party/personnel. Catering and event planner must communicate all orders 5 days prior to the event and confirm all sale orders and assure all orders are correct to guarantee price of menu. Surcharges will be made at any course dinners at $25 per person. 


To guarantee no miscommunication place card for each seated guest must have guests name and pre-selected entrée order from menu, with allergen and or dietary restriction must be applied on place cards. Clients may bring their own cards. Smoking Calavera may provide them at an additional fee of $3.50 per card.


Menu card are highly encouraged incase of any table side choice of menu service. If table side service were to be offered Menu’s must be placed prior to guest being seated. Guest may bring own or may be purchased at $4 per menu card. If anything from the menu is to be changed last minute a one time $130 Menu “Change Fees” will apply. 


 Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals is to ensure customer safety and satisfactory. To ensure the safety and compliance with state and local health regulations all food and beverages must be consumed at time of service and premises where ever it maybe. Purchases should only be made through Smoking Calavera. Non-Liability waivers are to be signed if Liquor or any other food source is to be provided by a different vendor or outside source other than Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals. If foods have not met the danger time/ and temp zone non liability waivers are too may be filled out before food leaving premises and must go through the purchasing parties coordinator and purchasing party. Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals will not be responsible for any illness acquired to food leaving event premises and wrong handling of food.


If for any reason set-up needs to be changed upon customers request once set up has been completed a $140 charge will be made as additional expenses may fall on Smoking Calavera. We may not be able to guarantee service to be timely met and may delay previous set schedule.


San Diego is a beautiful place, but sometimes mother nature takes its own course. In case of severe weather and natural disaster which may present a dangerous situation that may cause risk the health and safety and may be or any harm to its own employees and guest Smoking Calavera reserves the right to cancel its services. Cancelation fees maybe applied and or services maybe provided at a different time. If a safe zone space is available the event maybe moved to a different location moving fees maybe applied. Site manager may discuss fees until assessed.


2 Servers will be staffed per 20 guests with $90 dollars per hour minimum of 2 hours, $120 per hour per Chef/Attendant. 1 Bartender will be staffed at for every 65 guests the Bartenders rate of $110 per bartender, per hour, with a minimum or 2 hours. For buffets of fewer than 20 guest a surcharge of $150 will be applied. Coffee service additional $10 per guest. Water stations $10 per 5 gallons.


Recycling fees and trash fee if it is more then 10 bags or trash disposal fee will be 400.

ALL CATERING $400 minimum charge.

BUILD YOUR OWN DESSERT BAR $350 minimum charge.

FLORAL DESIGN $350 minimum charge.


Full payment of service purchase order is to be rendered before service is provided. A 20% service charge and (TBD%) state tax will be applied to all food, beverage, purchases, and rental. For delivery services, payment is to be made in full when ordered. A convenience fee and delivery fee of $20 will be charged. If in an area where parking may impact service, delivery and or service performed parking permit and or fees may be applied per server and or vehicle. Smoking Calavera reserves the right to purchase its material from certified produce companies to ensure food and product safety and follow health and safety state standards. Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals therefore reserves the right to make the judgement on handling its food, beverage, and material at all time. We require that all orders be received with selected orders and signature per guest to ensure food allergen safety, and final signature of a total count of guests and menu order from ordering customer not later than 14 days prior to the scheduled event. If not given the proper count within the 14 days Smoking Calavera cannot guarantee a prop count for service to be provided. Therefore, if the count of guest is incorrect we cannot promise guaranteed service of beverages, food, supplies, etc. Example: If your guest list exceeds original order we cannot promise and guarantee that your guest may receive the following accommodation. Smoking Calavera Catering will be supplied for a buffet, breaks stations, and heavy reception will be guaranteed service of no longer than 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the current number of guests and the setup of the reception that will allow servers to server all guests. The guarantee will be applied to all aspect of the event even if fewer guests arrive. Please be advised that all preparation of food and beverages is based on one serving per person and should be guaranteed for the total number of guests attending the event. We strive to guarantee your count. Depending on the number of guests Smoking Calavera may make extra entrées, beverages, and bring supplies at no cost to the client. If client were to use the extra back up food, beverages, and supplies manager will adjust the additional purchasing orders and fees from previous contract. Smoking Calavera acknowledges that time is of the essence during an event and we strive to stay on a scheduled time, but cannot guarantee service will go on a scheduled timely matter if service is interrupted by the setting distance (environment), speeches, dance breaks, certain types of table service may be a contributing factor, etc. Smoking Calavera Catering and Florals does guarantee pricing of menu or other services until 60 days prior to event and or unless agreed upon. Please be aware prices and fees are always subject to change if any addition or cancelation are made.

*Pricing is per person. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.
Please list all allergies and/or preferred ingredients based on your specific dietary needs.
20% service charge is added to parties of six or more.